“Working in this market for a grand total of 34 years you work with a small number of individuals that leave an imprint on you, the way you work, the way you think and the way you approach challenges. Stefan is one of these individuals, I have been fortunate enough to work on many projects and in those projects worked with partners who work in different exciting and challenging ways. Sometimes you don’t know how long your partnership will last and how long it will take to reach maturity. In this case Stefan and I worked together over a 6-year period on a project and have done so since. Those years started at the business justification all the way through to the execution of a global project. Along the way we had changes, challenges, roadblocks, fulfilling outcomes and great results. Approach and attitude a key ingredient regardless of model or mode of transport, solution, route, activity. Stefan demonstrated under corporate governance that he was always able to make the right choice under pressure or under guidance and being in a proactive position.

He was a great partner to work with and we had good fun getting to the end of the project while delivering professional long term sustainable relationships along the way and unpicking history and legacy to become smarter and more rounded. We had adversity including a sale and acquisition to contend with and worked together before during and after these changes.

I am proud to have worked with Stefan and would have no hesitation in recommending him as a consultant, partner, colleague or solution provider. He has changed the way that I deal with issues even in my working activity today in our post Covid world I recall with a smile and our great achievement on the great work we did. TCS Consultants is a better organisation for working with Stefan”

Scott Shepherd - TCS Consultants